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Single Scaffolding

Also known as brick layer’s scaffolding. Single scaffolding runs parallel to the wall at a roughly 1.2m and is made up of scaffolding standards, ledgers, putlogs.

Distance between the scaffolding standards is about 2 to 2.7m. Ledgers then connect the standards at vertical intervals

Scaffolding Putlogs go from a hole left in the wall to one end of the ledgers.

Double Scaffolding

Also know as Mason’s scaffolding.Double Scaffolding is used as single scaffolding is hard to make holes in the wall to support putlogs. Double Scaffolding has two rows of scaffolding is constructed making it stronger.

Both frames are supported by the putlogs. Rakers and cross braces are used to reinforce the scaffolding, this is also known as independent scaffolding.

Cantilever Scaffolding

Cantilever Scaffolding in which the standards are supported on series of needles and these needles are taken out through holes in the wall.

This is called single frame type scaffolding. In the other type needles are strutted inside the floors through the openings and this is called independent or double frame type scaffolding.

Cantilever Scaffolding requires care when constructing.

Suspended Scaffolding

With the help of wire ropes or chains, the working platform is supended from roofs, leading to the name Suspended scaffolding. The Suspended scaffolding lowered of raised to our required level.

Suspended Scaffolding is ideal for for repair works, painting and plastering work.

Trestle Scaffolding

Trestle scaffolding is a working platform is supported on movable tripods or ladders.

Trestle scaffolding is generally used for work inside the room, such as paintings, repairs etc.Trestle scaffolding can go up to a height of 5m.

Patented Scaffolding

Patented scaffoldings is made up of steel but these are equipped with special couplings and frames etc

Patented scaffoldings comes readymade which are available in to purchase. This type of scaffolding working platform is arranged on brackets which can be adjustable to our required level.

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